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The Pill: Chemical Rape?
On the negative side, you may have experienced a worsening of your periods, escalating PMS symptoms, more mood swings, depression, sleep, anxiety, migraines, less energy, weightgain and water retention.. … Doc Retrieval

Mirtazapine – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Weight gain; Dry mouth; Constipation; Vivid, bizarre, lucid dreams or nightmares; Joint pain; Muscle pain; Back pain; Less common side effects (especially at higher doses): Agitation/restlessness … Read Article

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Imbalances in the sex hormones can create many symptoms, especially around the periods of natural hormonal change such as menstruation and menopause . #1 Progesterone Deficiency PMS, early miscarriage, unexplained weight gain, anxiety, insomnia, painful & lumpy breasts, cyclical headaches, infertility. #2 … Content Retrieval

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Red M
The only method for obtaining a clear picture of premenstrual syndrome, however, is for the woman to chart her symptoms over two or three months. The following is an example of such a process: • Divide symptoms into physical (e.g., bloating, headaches, weight gain, aches and pains … Retrieve Here

Tips Needed To Avoid PMS Weight Gain – Calorie Counter | Free …
Every month when it is that time of the month I am up on the scale. Is there anything I can do to combat that and not gain weight during that week? … Read Article

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PMSPremenstrual Syndrome
PMS looks more at physical symptoms such as bloating, weight gain, breast tenderness, swelling of hands and feet, aches and pains, poor concentration, sleep disturbance, appetite change, and mood changes. … Retrieve Document

Low Estrogen And Low Progesterone Treatments – Menopausal …
3:17 Watch Later Error Female Support Nutrients For Menopause and PMS by meschinohealth 3,087 views 2:08 Watch Later Error Health & Nutrition : Find Info on Fighting Weight Gain During Pre-Menopause by eHow 750 views … View Video

Sexual Harassment – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
And/or nightmares, shame and guilt, difficulty concentrating, headaches, fatigue or loss of motivation, stomach problems, eating disorders (weight loss or gain Making reference to an employee “PMS”ing; Claiming that a woman should be more feminine and wear makeup; Claiming that a person isn't … Read Article

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Beat PMS/PMT Naturally With Nutrition
PMS-A which main symptoms are Anxiety, irritability and insomnia  PMS-C which main symptoms are sugar cravings, increased appetite, headaches and fatigue  PMS-D which main symptoms are Depression, forgetfulness and confusion  PMS-H which main symptoms are fluid retention, weight gain, bloating … Read Here

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Being obese has been shown to be strongly associated with PMS. Thus to lessen the incidence and symptoms of PMS, avoiding weight gain is important and weight loss may help to relieve … View This Document

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Freedom From Menopause® And PMS Guide
Freedom from Menopause® and PMS Guide Low Progesterone Most Common Symptoms:  PMS, irregular periods  Bloating/weight gain/depression  Carbohydrate cravings  Low sex drive, fibroids, cysts  Irritability, mood swings  Insomnia, anxiety, acne  Breast tenderness, hair loss … Doc Viewer

Progestogen-only Pill – Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia
Weight gain is less commonly experienced than on COCP. Some women may experience abdominal cramps and heavy bleeding. There are fewer serious complications than on COCP. … Read Article

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It Is Estimated That Pre-Menstrual Syndrome (PMS) Occurs In …
Ated with PMS causing SUGAR & CARBOHYDRATE CRAVING, WEIGHT GAIN & MOOD SWINGS. Weight gain in turn results in an in creased number & fat cells which … View Full Source

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Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Charity No. 279651
Weight gain • Abdominal bloating • Tender and lumpy breasts • Swollen ankles Factsheet – Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS) Women’s Health Concern Charity No. 279651 … Doc Retrieval

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PMS: Sorting Fact From Fiction
In fact, some doctors routinely advise eliminating caffeine from the diet before every menstrual period as a first step in coping with PMS. Many women with PMS gain several pounds during the two weeks preceding their period, much of this in fluid weight. … Doc Retrieval

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